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Fire Sprinkler Systems Inspections & Testing

Castle Sprinkler & Alarm is a leading provider in the region for fire sprinkler system:

Our knowledgeable staff and experienced inspectors will work closely with you and your local jurisdiction (fire marshal, insurance agent, third party inspector, etc) to assist in meeting your sprinkler compliance needs. We understand that building owners and managers juggle dozens of responsibilities every day, which is why our clients’ peace of mind is a top priority at Castle.  We take the worry out of our clients’ life safety needs by providing comprehensive inspection and testing.  One of our main goals is assisting the customer in understanding what is required for their system by the national, state, and local level fire codes. 

Using specially designed software, we have the ability to monitor and evaluate annual, semi-annual, quarterly, and monthly inspections for all your life safety components.  Once entered into our system, Castle can contact you and your staff via phone, email, fax, etc. to schedule your inspections.  Our uniformed technicians will conduct the inspections and tests using official NFPA (National Fire Protection Association) standards and guidelines.  Upon completion of the inspections and testing, our customers will receive a copy of these report for their records, overview of any deficiencies recognized during the inspection, and recommended improvements.  If you prefer to have your deficiencies corrected during the inspection, we can accommodate your requests.